About me

Hi, my name is Rachel. I started my blog in January of 2017, as a creative outlet, since I was so unhappy with my job. I have a background in photojournalism, and decided I would put my DSLR camera to use.

I started off just taking interesting photos, and it morphed into photos of myself in outfits I liked to wear. Slowly but surely my closet became only neutral colors. I think the only non-neutral I have is a forest green dress!

I just relaunched by blog as The Neutral Concept, it was formerly rachel.anna.brown. I’ve always wanted a blog name separate from my name (especially now that my last name is different and not as common!) and this idea just came to me! I love to live the neutral concept. I want to surround myself with cool toned calming colors.

My goal for this blog is to provide budget friendly fashion ideas to anyone who wants them, as well as sharing my passion for food, coffee and photography! I am also working on creating some new content so I can be more regular with my posts! More to come soon, thank you for stopping by!


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