Cozy Fall Sweaters

I am a fall person, for sure! So I love me a good fall sweater. Pretty much every morning I go on Pinterest to find a new outfit to wear, but most often what happens is that I find something I love but don't already have! 

Now I'm also not rich, so I can't be buying new things everyday (maybe just weekends :) ) so I turn to my go-to budget stores! 

I had an idea for a muted tone outfit of black, white and grey, with a white sweater as my main piece. But I didn't have one! So I found myself at H&M after work and picked up this super cute and super soft white v-neck sweater! The best part is, its long enough that it can cover your bum, and perfect for leggings as well.

I also love that it is v-neck so you can do an off-the-shoulder if you want! I used this look to create my basic pumpkin patch photo (even though I'm literally in front of the supermarket, didn't get to a patch this year) but hey it was a good shopping outfit too!


I am also super excited to be a part of Reward Style now! This means that I will be able to link to the items I am wearing and you can purchase them just by taking a screenshot on your phone, or following me in the Like to Know it App. I have always seen other bloggers do this but never really knew what it was or how to use it, so I am very excited to be a part of the sisterhood! If ever I am wearing something I don't tag, just ask me, it might be older but I can find something similar!