Cutest Tassel Loafers for Fall!

I know it has been forever since I blogged, and I hope this will make up for it! I've included lots of fun new photos! Work has been craaaaaaaazy and I've barely had time to sleep. I know! Anyway, Please read on if you would like to hear about my latest purchase, tassel loafers!



I recently bought my first pair of loafers! I had some semi-loafers a few years ago but they quickly went out of style, so I am happy they are back in again! I got these at DSW for about $30! (Plus I had a coupon so they were actually only $20! Definitely be on the lookout for those!) 

These loafers are so so cute, I was a bit put off that most of the loafers I found had huge metal bars across the top which isn't really my style. I was so happy to find ones that had leather tassels on the front, so cute! I love that I can style these for office and casual wear, such as the photos above that I took over the weekend! I paired mine with a long cardigan (they would really go with any color, I just like black!), dark jeans and a loose tank. It's a great fall look because you get to layer! I didn't even realize until later but my purse has a tassel too so it matches!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xoxo