Weekday Wear: Peacoats and Nike Sneakers

As I've changed jobs, I've changed my style a bit. My new job is a lot more lax on what you can wear to work, so I've been able to try out new looks and experiment a bit. The only thing is, I do take public transit, so I have to walk a bit to get to the bus and to get to my building in downtown Seattle. Therefore, I need to make sure my shoes are comfortable!

I have always loved my Nike shoes, and wanted to find a way to pair them to make them a bit more office friendly. There is nothing more tailored than the peacoat! I chose all black and white to keep it classy, and threw on black jeans and my favorite peacoat with my black classic Nike sneakers. I also topped it off with a beanie to keep my head and ears warm! I am in love with this look! I will also have to add in some gloves when I wear it again this week to work!

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