Alleyways & Good Hair Days

I never wear dresses. But last weekend, I was determined! This was one of the first photos I posted with my blog in mind. I have never been one to post too many photos of just myself, I always felt self-serving or vain. Never have I ever posted a selfie. But recently, I've also come to the realization of who my real friends are, and I thought to myself, "what do I care what those people think? As long as my true friends don't think I'm crazy I have nothing to worry about."

This was maybe a month or two ago. Since then I have been a lot more about loving myself, and that is the way it should be! Not just how you look, but how your friends and your surroundings make you feel. If you are surrounded by negative people, you aren't going to feel your best self. 

This photo was the first photo that I kept myself in mind. I was proud of how I looked (23 pounds down, hell yeah!) and I liked my clothes. I want to share that with the world. I'm not always happy, but when I am, why shouldn't I spread the love?

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