New Year, New Coat

I got a new coat! Northface is my heaven. It helps when your best friend works there as well. This was a dreary Sunday when Zachary and I decided to go to a coffeeshop (surprise surprise) to plan out our trip to San Francisco for my work. I had just received the coat the day before and was very excited to try it out! I have seen the long coats all around but never bought one myself. I have to say, I love it! It keeps my bum nice and warm. 

Since it was a dreary Seattle Sunday, I also decided to keep the cozy train going and throw on my favorite turtleneck sweater from American Eagle, as well as my ripped jeans that I only get to wear on the weekend. I also LOVE carrying my big tote bag when I'm just going to a coffeeshop or something, it holds everything! You have no idea how heavy that was, I had a textbook, a computer, charger, wallet, makeup, notepad and pens on pens on pens. It's like I'm in school again! PS please excuse the tissue in my pocket, I was sick over the weekend, like everyone else on the planet apparently!

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