Something about San Fran...

Last week I went to San Francisco! Honestly, it isn't my favorite place (I know, I know), but when you get a free work trip you have to take it up. So, Zach and I woke up at 3:30AM to catch a flight down south. Since I am extremely stubborn and refuse to check bags with the airline because I don't trust them, I pretty much wore the same thing the whole time I was there. A lot of black, tbh. 

This is the first day, about 10AM (The Marriott is awesome about getting you to your room early). We walked into the room and I immediately made Zach take about 50 photos because the light was so perfect!! Plus I feel like there should be an entire movie about this red couch. I mean, you can't pass up good morning light if you have it at your fingertips. Well, Zach had it as his fingertips. I just sat on the couch and tried not to blink. Thanks Zach!

San Francisco turned out to be all right, with high rise bars, yummy sushi and a bike ride over The Golden Gate Bridge! More to come, but that is all for now!

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