The Most Important Meal of the Day

I am OBSESSED with food. Especially breakfast. It's the happiest meal I think. A few weeks ago for our date night (or date breakfast, I suppose?) Zach and I went to Anthony's to use up a gift card from his birthday. I got a few snapshots of the best part of the meal. You'll notice the coffee has been refilled as I am a coffee addict (see pretty much every other post). 

They start out by giving you a plate of fruit (too much melon, IMO) with a super fluffy cream that you probably don't need to eat but will anyway because its free. THEN they give you the most delicious blueberry coffee cake with cinnamon butter. WHY HAVEN'T I THOUGHT OF CINNAMON BUTTER BEFORE? GENIUS! I wasn't even finished by the time they brought my meal, and I was already full! 

The bacon was perfect and the rest of the waffle was basically apple pie :) So I pretty much had apple pie and bacon for breakfast. No regrets!

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