Wanna Hear a Joke? Decaf

Wanna hear a joke? DECAF! I'm sorry, I had to. Coffee is a pretty central part of my diet. I'm not a white-mocha-frappuchino-nonfat-with-whip kinda gal, but I can appreciate a good cup of joe. I try to limit my spending on coffee when I have a perfectly good espresso machine at home that my lovely boyfriend gave me for my birthday, but I really cannot resist the atmosphere of a good coffee shop. 

I feel like there are two types of people. The ones that like to work in noise, and the ones that need absolute silense. When I was in college I couldn't work at home, or in the library, I had to be in the busy coffee shop Zoe's, where all the hubbub was. 

I'm not sure how I feel about cutting faces out of photos. Faces are where are the emotion is! however, since I kept my smile in here, it had good emotion. Zoka coffee even used it on their page! Plus a little Apple brand placement never hurts.

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