Winter Sun

This was one of those freak sunny days during February (I Think it was the end of January really) and I knew I wouldn't have time over the weekend to get outside. So, Zach and I took a walk just around campus to 1. Get outside and breathe so the craziness of work wouldn't feel so heavy, and 2. So I would make sure to have a chance for some posts for the upcoming week! 

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I don't wear much color anymore because honestly, its way easier. I think I wear these black pants from TopShop pretty much every other day. I'm wearing the same pants in grey right now! They are super high waisted and so soft. Plus they are ankle length even for people like me, almost 5' 5"!

I also bought this peacoat jacket on modcloth like 3 years ago and it's been a winter staple ever since! It's warm enough that I don't need a jacket! The only problem is that I have to roll the Diego cat hair off of it every day. 

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