Good evening! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! I was fortunate enough to get Monday off as well. Every weekend I feel like I tell myself I am going to get so much done, and then before I know it its Sunday at 8PM and I don't know what happened. However, sometimes you really just need a few days to recover from, well, life. 

I really wanted to talk about the awesome thrift shop finds I am wearing in this look! At least 50% is second-hand, and you would never know! I recently went to Crossroads in Capitol hill with a friend, it's amazing! I had been there once before but didn't spend too much time. I got a beanie (in look above) and a trench coat both for $13.50! I was able to use them both in my outfits later in the weekend :) My vest and my boots I got at Buffalo exchange probably two years ago in Bellingham. It was so crazy, I remember walking into the store and my eyes went straight above the counter, where these hunter boots were. I asked the saleslady what size they were, expecting some non-average size.

"Eight," she said. 

And my eyes lit up! Hunter boots in my size for only $50!!!?!?! That's crazy! I've had them ever since. I have not actually ever been able to figure out where this vest is from...It doesn't have a label. All I know is that it is goose feather and oh so comfy!

I try not to buy too much, I can barely fit what I have in my closet and it is encroaching on Zach's side! However, I feel like thrift shops are often overlooked because the clothes are used. Hello, it's called a washing machine! Why wouldn't you want half price designer clothes!! You wear clothes from your friends?! They were strangers once too you know.