Weekend in my Tims

If you met me, I would most likely be wearing my Timberland boots. I swear by them. They are THE most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. And I have pretty comfy slippers, even if they are 8 years old. It must be something for construction that they are made so comfortable. I can stand in them for hours! Sometimes I even go dancing in them because I know my feet won't get tired. 

It's funny, because I actually got these in 2014, when they weren't really that popular. I remember having Timberland-type boots (I'm sure my parents would not have spent $100 on children's Tims) and I really wanted a pair for my adult feet! I went with a friend and it took me like 45 minutes to force myself to buy them, I was worried I couldn't pull it off. HA! Now I get questions and compliments on them all the time! I wish I could get all of the different styles...

When I bought these, I was way more into what people thought. "I can't pull this off, this is too tough-looking for me!" Who the heck cares, it is  comfy shoe, you do you boo. I even hooked Zachary on it! Luckily we have a friend who gets a 50% discount :) This is where my money goes, oy vay!