Thank goodness for the three day weekend. I honestly forgot about it until like, the day before. I've been really stressed at work, so I needed it. Do you ever feel that way? Most of the time I am so busy during the week, that by the weekend I don't want to do anything at all. And sometimes that is what you need! I'm really not good at doing nothing. If I am home, I feel like I am wasting time! I've really been trying to get better at that. Your body needs rest, even if that means doing something completely absent-minded. For me, I like to watch Pokemon. I know, I'm like, 20 years late. 

As part of the weekend, Zach and I went out to capture some photos for my blog. This shoot was a lot about cool tones and casual wear, to go with the relaxed weekend feel. I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts from H&M, its so soft, and who doesn't love grey? I also found these Old Navy jeans for $20! They are my go-to weekend jeans, and they are super comfy, and work well with a curvy body type. Lastly, I wore my Vans. Ah, vans, how I love these. I may be becoming more girly, but I'll always be a sk8er girl at heart and embrace my inner Avril. I jumped on the basic bandwagon and got these white Vans last year and I absolutely love them. I was so scared to wear them in Seattle! But I think they look a bit better worn in :) Anywho, this is one of my favorite casual-chic outfits, and it's all under $100!

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