Leather Jacket

I used to LOVE leather jackets. I remember right before I went to college I went on a spree and bought about 3 of them. One in camel, one in burgundy (before it was a big color mind you) and one in black. I wore the camel one most of the time, until I finally gave it away after I graduated. And in those few years something happened and every time I put on a leather jacket I felt immediately scary, or intimidating. Don't get me wrong, I also felt badass! But it just wasn't me. 

I decided to include a leather jacket in my blog to step outside my comfort zone. And the response I got was overwhelmingly positive! My post on Instagram got so much traffic and I received so many positive comments about the edginess of my look. I had no idea it was edgy!

The second part of why this outfit is so important to me is because I am wearing the KUGS shirt. This shirt is the first article of clothing I stole from Zachary when we first started dating. And I haven't given it back since! Happy weekend everyone!

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