Rings Rings & More Rings

I've had my grandmother's vintage rings for a few years. She unfortunately passed away in 2012,  about 3 weeks before my father. When we had to go through her things, these rings stuck out to me. She never really wore these specific peices, and I have never really been into jewelry, but these were special. She always loved teal and aqua, and so have I! I've been very into rings lately as an accessory, and her rings resurfaced a few years ago. I'm unsure where she got them or exactly how old they are. To me they almost look like she picked them up when they went to Australia. They loved to travel, I wouldn't be surprised! I only wish I kept more of her things to remember her by. But I am sure she would be flattered that I am wearing them at all. 

FashionRachel Morales