The Coffee Chronicles Pt. I

I have always loved coffee. Can you tell? In fact, I am at the airport right now drinking a latte. There is just something about the feel of coffee. Sometimes even if it isn't the best, or from your favorite place, it just puts you in a better mood. 

I recently found a new coffee shop, my mom introduced me to it a few weeks back. It's only a few blocks away from my normal spot, but the environment is just so drastically different. In my old spot, the coffee was great, the lighting was bright and you could take flatlays with your coffee forever. However, if I ever wanted to take photos for the blog, I always do I put this...judged. The second I pulled out my DSLR people looked at me like, "are you seriously taking pictures right now?"

At my new place, Rococo Caffe, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. It's the best. I made Zach take my photo for like 15 minutes straight two weeks ago and not one person looked up. They are so chill, the owner is always there and they are all about the experience, rather than the reputation. This will soon become my weekend coffee shop. Not to mention their london fogs are the bomb!