Tea Time


I went to afternoon tea for the first time in about 15 years, and it was AMAZING. There is just something about actually setting a time to sit and drink tea, that makes you feel fancy. It's just true, it made me feel like I was rich and british for 2 hours. 

Me and a few friends went to Trellis on a Sunday, because I had discovered they do a $32 afternoon tea! Now, you might think that's expensive (and it is) but honestly I couldn't even finish what they gave me. There were three levels, beginning with savory, then a scone (which was like 5 times the size of all the other foods) and then desserts. I regret not having dessert first. I was so full I could only take bites of the treats to make sure I could taste them. It was painful. That will remain the best scone I've ever had in my life. Sorry French Bakery.

The tea itself was served in a personal tea pot, with a cup and saucer. So cute! I had as much tea as I could drink. I believe I had mint and an African amber. 

Sometimes its nice to just go out and feel fancy. I wore a button up shirt for goodness sake! It's those little things we've got to hold on to, to keep our sanity. I highly reccomend! 

LifestyleRachel Morales