Weekend Casual


Happy Sunday! I know sometimes we can all be guilty of letting our selves go on the weekends, and that is absolutely ok! Lately I've been feeling like I don't have much outfit inspiration for weekends, let alone for work! 


I've always loved simple outfits, simole colors, especially black and white. Yesterday I stopped off at Urban Outfitters in Capitol Hill, and picked up one of the ever so popular black dad hats. 


I'm not crazy about hats, mostly because I feel like if you put one on its a commitment for the rest of the day and then you have to wash your hair no matter what, and I hate that. Nevertheless! I wore that hat all day and I'm making it through! It was the perfect accessory to my outfit, especially because it was the first nice day in a while! It really kept the sun off my face.  


I also hesitate to wear white since I'm such a klutz, but tied t-shirts always look so effortless that I decided to take the risk. And hours later, no spills! I also paired it with my favorite anytime ripped black jeans, and lastly my favorite vans. All in all, a very comfy but stylish outfit! I like to think of it as my celebrity outfit, as it's something I've seen celebrities wear!  


Have a lovely week! 

Rachel xoxo