Chicago Trip

Chicago! It has quickly become one of my absolute favorite places. I told Zach I wanted to move there about two days in. Even in 90 degree heat where you just have to accept the fact that you will not be clean or smell good in the summer. 

This trip came about very last minute, when Zach's parents told us they were going to Chicago to see Hamilton (no, I did not get to see it, don't remind me). We were joking that we could never find a good time to go and visit his parents in Eastern Washington, and we should just go meet up with them in Chicago. And that is exactly what we did. 

We ended up taking a red-eye flight (NEVER AGAIN) since it was the only flight available, which put us in Chicago about 6AM. We then made our way to a friends house in Wrigleyville, and completely crashed on the couch and the floor for a few hours. At noon, we made our way to The Signature Room on 95th, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. There are plenty of places to get a view like that, but many of them you have to wait in line, pay to get up there and then fight for the window. We decided we would rather get some food out of it. This was probably the best brunch I have ever had! It was a $50 per person meal, unlimited buffet and as many entrees as you wanted! I couldn't even try anything. Then we lied and told them it was our anniversary (only a few months late) to see if they would give us anything special. We got a $15 gift card out of it, which we promptly gave to our hosts who actually live in the area. It was so nice, because they didn't rush you and were happy to fill up your 6th cup of coffee. Would definitely recommend!

After brunch we decided to check out the Magnificent Mile, a well known shopping area in downtown. I didn't buy anything, but it was great to people watch and feel rich for a few hours. Plus it was dreadfully muggy and all the stores had AC. I had seen on YouTube Goddess and The Baker, a coffee shop with rainbow cake and I obviously had to try it! So Instagrammable! It was delicious, as expected! After the cake and coffee break, we headed to The Bean and Millennium Park. The Blues Festival was going on that weekend so it was packed! I really loved the music aspect of Chicago, and how its everywhere all the time!

After the park, we headed back to Pequod's Pizza, a pizzeria that my family has always loved, since my dad's side is from Chicago originally, and I was born there. We had to wait about an hour for the pizza, but it was SO WORTH IT. I could only have one piece and I was stuffed. Best deep dish in town, 100%!

The next day we headed to the beach! It's not quite warm enough in Seattle for the beach yet, and we don't really have good beaches like Chicago has right on the lake. It was a spectacular sight to see the city skyline right behind us as we got some sun. We did quickly learn to weigh our towels down, since it is the Windy City.

Later that day we went to a cubs game! I was so excited! I had originally looked and thought there were no games while we were there but our hosts, Brianna and Jelani (the nicest people you will ever meet in your life) told us there was! We quickly bought tickets and headed toward Wrigley Field. This game was more exciting than any Mariner's game I've ever been to. It was really great to see the team that FINALLY WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! I think my dad definitely had something to do with that, he was a huge cubs fan and I think he helped them win from heaven :). Unfortunately, we had to leave the game early but then headed back downtown to meet Zach's parents for dinner. We ate at Eataly, an Italian restaurant/grocery store. I thought it was good, but extremely overpriced. After that we headed back to Millenium Park to check out the rest of the Blues Festival. 

The next day was our last full day, and we finally were able to take the Chicago Architecture Tour along the River, which was awesome! It was really great to hear about the history of the city, including the fire and how the city was rebuilt afterward. Even at 10AM, it was extremely hot. I just accepted the fact that I would not smell good the rest of the trip. We also headed to Portillos, another family favorite, for hot dogs! We mostly just took this day to walk around and make sure we could see everything. We also spent a bit of time at the pool of the building where we were staying, which really helped cool us off. I felt very rich and it was a nice relaxing few hours. That night we went to Quartino's for more pizza and Gnocchi, and I think this is the loudest restaurant I have ever been to. The food was great, and I was stuffed afterward!

Overall, I absolutely loved Chicago, and now I know why my family lives there! I think about two days in I told Zach I wanted to move. It is such an amazing city, so much bigger than Seattle. The people were so nice, however, they were horrible drivers! I saw at least three people going the wrong way on a freeway onramp. I already want to go back, and I hope that my future takes me there someday!