Beat the Heat

Hello loves!

This past weekend in Seattle was unusually hot, 98 degrees! I don't remember it being that hot in YEARS! Since it doesn't usually get that hot here, I tried to find a few ways to keep cool and be smart about my sun exposure. I hope that these tips help you too!

1. Keep Blinds Closed

I find that even though it makes me sad :( it's really best to keep the blinds closed at least in the morning on those unbearably hot days. Just the sun coming through the glass can really heat up a place! We kept our blinds closed today and I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to find it pretty cool in our place. It also is a really good way to make sure your pets stay cool.

2. Drink Water

I know it doesn't feel like in the moment you need more water, but its directly correlated to how hot it is outside! No matter how much water you drink, you haven't had enough! It's extremely important during these hot days, especially for those in areas like Seattle, where it rarely gets so warm. 

3. Limit your Sun Exposure

We all want to be tan (coming from a Seattleite, trust me) but its really important to limit sun exposure, even with sunscreen. Hopefully this is self-explantatory, but if you can avoid the hottest/dangerous times of the day, 10AM - 4PM, you will have a much smaller chance of getting burned.

4. Use it as an Excuse to Exercise!

My problem is, I hate being sweaty. However, if I am already sweaty due to warm weather, why not take this opportunity to exercise! Just remember to stay in shade if you can, and hydrate even more often.

5. Keep your Head Wet

A lot of people don't think of this, but getting your hair wet or putting a wet bandana around your head can really cool you down. At music festivals, I used this trick when we sat out on the hill all day in the sun, and it was a godsend!