5 Summer Essentials

Hello loves! This week I collaborated with @closertosomewhere to talk about summer essentials and 5 favorite travel tips! I hope you enjoy!


Aveeno Lotion

I have been an avid Aveeno enthusiast for years now! I find that it is the only thing that helps my dry skin in the summer and heals my sunburns. I swear by it, its great for sensitive skin and it usually turns my sunburn into a tan in like two days! I could never go without it!


I have been OBSESSED with these sunglasses from Mosa Los Angeles! I got half off so they were like $7! They go with almost every outfit and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are super reflective. I usually switch it up between these, my Ray Bans and come cat eye glasses from Forever 21!

High Waisted Shorts

I bought a couple of pairs of shorts last year at American Eagle, the festival style. They are high waisted, but I always found that when I pulled them up to where I actually wanted to be, my butt cheeks were showing. That's great and all for other people, but I'm not really into that style for myself. The shorts themselves are super cute, but I finally decided to look for some that I felt comfortable in. I randomly found myself in Pacsun the other day and found the cutest shorts that don't show off my butt. The best part, it was bogo! So I bought these and some black ones. They are already becoming a regular in my wardrobe.

Bare Minerals Tinted Face Lotion

I love makeup, but sometimes you just don't want to put on a full face of makeup, especially in the summer when its hot and your makeup is all over your face by the end of the day anyway. I discovered this tinted face lotion a few months ago, and I love that it doesn't really look like makeup, it just looks natural, yet it smooths out and covers any dark spots or red marks on your face. I love to wear it in the summer because it makes me feel tan :). I probably haven't worn foundation in.....3 months? And I love it!

Jurlique Misting Spray

This little beauty I actually got as a free gift as part of the Sephora VIB program, but I fell in love with it! I know it doesn't seem like much, but its so refreshing. I like to use it right before bed, when I have just washed my face, and I feel squeaky clean! I love that it is rose scented as well, makes me feel extra fancy!


These are just my five favorites, please let me know if you have favorites in comments below, I am always open to trying new things! Make sure to check out @closertosomewhere's post at closertosomewhere.blogspot.com