Budget Bloggin'

Hello my dears! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite underrated places to shop, Old Navy! This post stemmed out of a moment last week, when I walked out of the house and didn't realize until about 20 minutes later that I was dressed head to toe in Old Navy! 

I feel like Old Navy is overlooked a lot because it seems cheap and not the best quality. However, not all of us are millionaires and can buy new outfits at Prada every week. SO, I want to hype up one of my favorite spots! Many of the things I've worn on my blog come from this store, including my "Espresso then "Prosecco Shirt", ripped jeans, and the entire look in this outfit!

First of all, this sweater, I AM OBSESSED. I bought three more in different colors. It's cozy, its soft, it goes with everything and I can wear it year round. I wore it with a romper and with short the other day! And here I am wearing it with a dress.

When I first tried this dress I was unsure if I could pull it off. As a woman with hips and curves, sometimes I am self concious. But I am SO happy I decided to get it, and now I wear it all the time and also have it in a few colors hehe. 

These boots I bought for $14!! I couldn't believe the deal. I'm wearing them right now! It's hard in Seattle because, well rain, but they are perfect for summer because they are light and classy!

I feel like Old Navy goes through periods where they don't have as good of stuff, but most of the time I feel like they are a great place to get basics. Especially if you are not someone who likes a lot of patterns (me), then its a great place to find peices that go with everything!

xo Rachel