5 Days of Fashion with @_moderiviera

Hello! This week I had the chance to collaborate with fellow grammer @_moderiviera! We decided to post each day with a different outfit and give a reason why it is a perfect go-to. I wanted to take this chance to go into more detail about why each of these outfits are important to me!



If you know me at all, you know I am all about the neutrals, and all about the layers. Since its summer, I wanted to incorporate some lighter colors, so I chose some of my favorite summer shoes, these beige booties! I also pared it with my new Jamie jeans from Topshop at Nordstrom, and added a cargo jacket that could easily come off when the sun comes out (and it did about an hour later!) I felt like this was a bit of an edgy/intimidating look, so I tried to make it a bit more fun and carefree with a high partial pony, and some aviator sunglasses. 

This is a look I can wear into fall, and to the first part of winter. I love that ripped jeans are back!


Last weekend I went to a company picnic, where I knew I was going to be outside and I knew it was going to be hot! I had just purchased this sunhat and wanted to incorporate it into my outfit. It was a great way to keep the sun off my neck. I paired it with a fun striped tank and ripped jean shorts, for a barbecue/summer look, but with a Rachel twist (AKA, lots of black). Even though I threw it together last minute, I can't wait to wear it again!


Ah, the little black dress. I have posted about this before on my Instagram but not on my blog. I was on the hunt for the perfect LBD a few months back, and found this one at H&M for so cheap! It's comfy, chic and can be dressed up or down. In this instance I was using it as my date night dress! I also had just gone to MAC and wanted to incorporate the bag because it went with my aesthetic :)


I am so happy I found this romper! It is so comfy, and perfect for taking a stroll down to the water. I usually wear it when we take dinner to the park and eat, and its also easily transferable into the evening with a long cardigan. 


One of my all-time favorites, overalls! They aren't just for kids anymore folks, they are for all ages alike! I am so happy with these black overalls I got at Aritizia! They aren't actually as heavy as you would think, and have a lot of pockets to put things in! They are great for summer because they still keep you cool, but cover your bum! I love wearing these as a go-to weekend look, especially since it's great for events. I was able to get these at the sale a few weeks ago, so go check to see if there are any left!