The Perfect Holiday Outfit

Happy Independence Day! It's so nice that it's in summer and this year I found the PERFECT outfit! I love this romper because its timeless. Perfect for a hot 4th of July holiday! It's kind of a 50s style with a sweetheart type neckline (great for those of us with boobs) and POCKETS! I found myself in Abercrombie & Fitch the other day and fell in love with this peice! It's perfect because black goes with everything! It was about $60 but I am happy to say I finally found my romper! I plan to wear it with sandals and a white bandana, since it's kind of 50s style.

As far as tips on choosing a holiday outfit, I always say comfort is the most important. If you're going to be in that outfit all day, eating, drinking, dancing and laying on the ground, its very important to make sure you can be in it all day. Secondly, always bring layers. It may be hot during the day but at night when you are watching fireworks it can get a bit chilly. Its good to have something you can either stuff in a backpack or tie around your waist. Summer flannel is a thing! Next, depending on what you are doing that day, comfortable shoes are also important. If you go the sandal route, make sure you can be in them all day. Lastly, the hair. I am planning to wear my hair down, but bring a hairtye when I get hot or am playing a game or something. 

Whatever you wear, make sure to feel good and leave room to eat good food!

Hope you have a good 4th!