Feeling Cozy

This post will be a bit of everything, there are so many things I wanted to post about this month! For this one I wanted to focus on a few of my cozy sweaters and jackets I’ve collected for fall and going into winter. I am all about the neutral colors as you probably know if you are reading this, and sometimes it can be hard to find things that pair well and don’t make me look too monochrome! This season, my big things are turtlenecks and teddy coats!

I remember telling my mom abut 15 years ago that turtlenecks would never come back in style…boy was I wrong!! I am OBSESSED. I am trying to fill my closet with these babes, not only because they are stylish, but they keep your neck warm! What a concept! This one is from H&M, and I wear it multiple times a week!

I just picked up this teddy coat from Zara and it is SO WARM. I sat outside with a friend today (It’s 45 degrees out) and I was totally fine!

Happy Fall!

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