My latest Shoe Obsession - OTK + Pointed Toe

My weakness has always been shoes and jackets. They can just elevate any outfit! Lately I’ve been into the pointed toe look. I feel like it makes you look polished and can be dressed up or down. My obsession started in the summer when I bought three pairs of pointed mules, black (Caslon @ Nordstrom), white (Target) and tan (Bamboo via Poshmark) and wore them nonstop. When it got a bit colder I started my search for some pointed toe booties so my feet wouldn’t freeze!

I found some really cute ones at DSW that are Crown Vintage brand for about $60! I have seriously been wearing them nonstop. They are so comfortable and literally go with everything!

I also spoiled myself a bit and bought Steve Madden sock booties. This was a bit harder for me because it was kind of outside of my comfort zone! I had never worn sock booties before and at first struggled to find a way to make them work with my outfits. I also was very wary that they were suede, therefore not waterproof and therefore not Seattle proof! I bought $7 suede protection and its worked so far! I am not actively wearing them when its raining though I don’t want to take that chance ha!

Lastly I also bought my first ever pair of OTK boots! I was so excited but also scared it was really out of my comfort zone too, I had never had such statement shoes before! But I just love them with a sweater dress. It makes me feel so cozy and so sex and the city!! I’ve put together a few of my favorite looks with each of these pointed toe mules and boots!



11.11 7.jpg
FBP 2-5.jpg