My Winter Coat Collection

I LOVE a good classy winter coat. My goal is to have a classic coat that will last decades so I don’t have to keep spending money on new one! But let’s be real I love buying new things so we all know that won’t happen ha!

I wanted to go through all the winter coats I have and why I love each of them, as well as of course linking them to share! Enjoy!

FBP 2-2.jpg

This coat I love because it is so bright white! I bought it last winter on sale at express so sadly it is no longer available, but there are so many similar ones! It’s kind of a half terry cloth half wool material, and therefore super warm! Even in December I didn’t need a coat underneath. The only issue I have is that it only has the one button so I need to hold it closed. Huge pockets and really indexes on the oversized look that is so popular now!


I just got this coat recently, and I really love it so far! It’s really soft and has HUGE pockets! It is a very soft wool material and has different toned patches as part of the length. It is warm, but a little thinner than usual coats.

FBP 2-5.jpg

This was my original winter coat purchase a year or so ago, from Zara. It was a simple coat I wanted to get to wear because I have to walk outside for minimum 10 minutes every day. This coat is absolutely perfect. It is a great quality (minus one of the pockets blowing out, sewing kit to the rescue!) and has always kept me warm. It’s a very classic slimming peacoat, and will always be in style!

11.11 8.jpg

I am so happy these coats are in style! I know its not like a heavy overcoat, but its still crazy warm! I love love love teddy coats and want one in every color! This one is from Zara and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Goes with everything!

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