The Neutral Concept Rebrand

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You’re probably wondering why I rebranded, so let me explain!

Over the past couple years I became an avid instagram user. It took a long time to find my style. There were several @rachel.anna.brown experiments - captioning styles, angles, cameras, lenses, expressions, backgrounds, and filters to name just a few!

Eventually and over time my closet became a pallet of simple, neutral, and minimalistic styles and colors. Those who know me best joked that I never wore any color. I wanted to change my username to reflect my neutral obsession.

Where is a budget-conscious smart shopper going to find the right look in this fast fashion world? My goal is to provide looks and inspiration to answer this question for you. For example, I recently discovered that you can spruce up any basic outfit with a nice coat! By investing $100 in a quality coat, you can shift around your basic jeans, sweaters, tees, etc. and come up with a fresh, classic, minimalistic look that lasts for years.

Let’s shift the conversation to smart fashion, not trends. I’ll do the dirty work and suggest purchases I believe will provide you with quality looks that will last for a number of years and that work great with new pieces you pick up along the way. Of course as an influencer, I work with brands and advertise their product on my page. However, I promise to you I will never suggest something I don’t actually love, and have turned down collaborations before when I don’t believe they fit my brand, style or message.

How many other stylists work for you for free?

The Neutral Concept is the idea that the perfect wardrobe only needs a few quality neutral pieces. Paired with simple staples, your new style can go with almost everything else. You can have hundreds of outfits with only a few pieces.

The Neutral Concept inspires us to feel good about our looks and celebrate smart fashion.

xoxo Rachel

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