Nude Nuveau

My post is a bit late today I am sorry!!! Hopefully not too late! I was redoing my mom’s kitchen cabinets all weekend, it takes longer than you think! There is an amazing product I found that takes of previous paint and you don’t even have to sand! I’ll do a before and after blog post about that too!

Ok down to the good stuff. Nude. This fashion trend has been EVERYWHERE. Nude sweaters, nude shoes, scarves, purses. Nude is the new black. And of course, I jumped right on that train. Hello, the NEUTRAL concept?!! I picked out two pieces I swooned over on I will preface this with the fact I had a credit, so my options were limited to whatever I could get for $65 with shipping haha.

I picked up this super soft turtleneck from Nordstrom for only $30 (on sale!), its a roll neck so you can kind of pick the style of turtleneck roll you want. It’s a medium length, and I wear it with leggings a lot! I paired it with a nude scarf with tassles that is also sooooooo soft (sensing a pattern here?) and it’s great for my cold walks to work!

Lastly, I ordered nude booties. These were a little out of my comfort zone because they were slightly studded around the edge and usually I am not a studded kind of gal. Plus they have wooden heels and I’ve never had any like that before!! But I put them on first time and fell in love! The studs add a little silver shimmer to the booties and the wooden heel lets everyone know I am coming haha they are quite loud! But they are waterproof which is very important here in Seattle when choosing shoes! I’ve linked them all down below I hope you find something you love!

Sweater $30

Booties $40

Scarf $22

FB42 copy.jpg
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