Trend Obsession: Felt hats!

Hellooooooo! I am so so sorry for my haiatus, sometimes  this insta thing is just exhausting and there's only 24 hours in a day. I know, I know, Beyonce has the same number of hours, but its Beyonce so she probably has a time machine. 

I wanted to talk about my new favorite trend, felt fedora style hats! I've been seeing these all over for women and I LOVE them! I have always loved women's hats, and have always loved 50s and 60s style when women wore hats all the time too! I've collected 3 now (one on its way via Poshmark) and I wanted to put together a few of my favorite looks I've worn them with so far! 

I love these hats so much, I feel like they add instant class to any outfit. And they really go with a lot of things! The only problem its been pretty windy here so a lot of times I have to walk around with my hand on my head ha! My hats are from Forever 21, Posh, and Crossroads Trading Co (consignment, it didn't have a label!).

Brown wide-brimmed fedora

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