How I Whitened My Teeth!

Let me just say one thing: I LOVE coffee. However, my teeth, not so much. I have tried my fair share of whitening products, strips, natural home remedies from the internet, charcoal etc etc. It's hard to find something that works for each person! Which is why Smile Brilliant is best for each individuals journey to teeth whitening! Before I jump in, I've spelled out the basics:

What is Smile Brilliant? An at-home, professional strength, CUSTOM teeth whitening kit.

How does it work? After signing up, they send you the materials to make your own teeth mold that you will use for whitening. You also get teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel (very important!) with your first package. You then send back the mold (postage included!) and two weeks later you have your custom fitted trays to start whitening! The trays are basically like those newer versions of braces that I was unfortunately too old to be able to have (OG braces for me lol) Super simple.

Does it work? Absolutely! Even after two sessions I could see a big difference! I wasn't really in the headspace that I direly needed to whiten but my teeth looked so bright and clean! I was (and am) excited to continue! I tried to whiten every few days because my teeth are a bit more sensitive than usual. It's important to use the desensitizing gel in between so you don't hurt your gums, that definitely helped a lot! I feel like a celebrity or something haha! 








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