Cannon Beach Getaway

Zach and I love to be spontaneous, and when our weekend plans to go wine tasting fell through (it was going to be 108 degrees and I am NOT about that life) we decided since Diego was already booked at the Kitty Hotel we would take a quick trip to the coast. We went to Cannon Beach (first time for me) last November and I fell in love. I was very excited to see it in the summer when it was warm! We had so much fun just walking around (SO MANY TOURISTS) and eating and consuming as much coffee as possible! 

One of the great things about living in Seattle is that it is somewhat close to a lot of great weekend getaways. It took us about 4.5 hours each way to get to the coast, and we stayed Friday to Sunday. So we still had a full day in between! It isn't crazy expensive to stay there if you get an airbnb, and a lot of places that don't necessarily have an ocean view are still walking distance!

Firstly, I am still in love with our little apartment vacation rental. It is the Scandinavian dream apartment I have dreamed of!! If only I could just put in hardwood floors...I also quickly realized there was no closet so that would be a problem! But it was so neat, clean, and cozy that I am inspired to keep decorating my own to that style! I took so many photos ha!

We went to a lot of great places, I had the best steak EVER at Cannon Beach Cafe, and the best bacon ever at the Stephanie Inn! Yummm I can't wait to go back! 

Take a peek at my short video and some photos from our quick weekend getaway!