September Favorites

Happy Fall! I’ve gathered a few items to my collection over the summer and early fall, and I wanted to share what have been some of my favorite things the past few months! Many of these are not just summer items, but can be used in Fall and Winter too! I’ll be splitting it up between fashion and beauty, if you want to skip ahead to my makeup routine, skip down!


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1. Black Pointed Booties

I love love love my black pointed booties! Mine are Forever 21 with a gold zipper on the side. There’s not really a lot of occasions to wear these as I find them more dressy, so I like to pair them with ripped blue denim and a tshirt or linen top.

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2. Light Trench Coats

This is a perfect piece for the transition from summer to fall, in a time when you’re either super cold or overheated and the sun is half out all the time! This Modal-blend Trenchcoat is from H&M, and comes in other colors (I might have to go back!) I love wearing this to work as well because it elevates your work wear look to bad business boss babe!

3. Pointed Flats

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I. Am. OBSESSED with pointed flats!!!! They are such an easy way to dress up a casual look, and they are flats, so no heel pain!!!!!! I have 3 pairs at this point that I got all this summer, and I plan to wear them throughout fall! Pictured below I actually bought off poshmark, but I know they are from the company called Bamboo, they are so comfy! The others I have are black and white, from Nordstrom and Target respectively.

4. Straight Leg Jeans

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I was always a fan of skinny jeans, but straight leg jeans are so much comfier! I had a few mom jeans, but for some reason I had to size up two sizes (not a fun shopping experience) because they wouldn’t go over my hips!! If they think moms don’t have hips they have another thing coming. However, these straight wedgie jeans from Levi’s fit perfectly and are so comfy! The only thing I take issue with is the button fly. Who thought that was a good idea? We’ll have to see what happens when my nails get longer ha! I plan to get a few more pairs!

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5. Round Sunnies!

I was very hesitant to try this trend, as I thought it wouldn’t work for my face shape and was a bit too John Lennon-y for me. But I was actually in Topman with Zach and saw these, tried them on for fun and thought they looked really cute!!! They are just black glass and frames, so they are very simple. They are men’s but fit my face fine! They are perfect to pair with any casual outfit!


My makeup routine is pretty quick, I am waaaaay too lazy to have a full routine, but power to those who can do it! I normally just do a tinted moisturizer (First Aid Beauty or Bare Minerals), blush, bronzer, highlighter and eyebrow pencil. Over the past few months I have also started using some other fun items I will list below!

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  1. Dose of Colors Lipstick

    I went into Ulta the day before my wedding (only reason I remember what time of year it was!) and was looking for a perfect nude! The sales lady suggested Dose of Colors and I was so excited because I LOVE Desi Perkins!! I love watching her videos because she is just so funny and real. I got Nude Chica, which is a perfect nude, nothing crazy. And it totally stays on when you eat! I can also reapply without it being chunky or layering strangely. I am so excited for their new line to come out!

  2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir & Niu Body Illuminizing Facial Serum

    I like to feel clean & refreshed when I get in bed and go to sleep. I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers and serums but I really like Niu Body’s because you don’t need a lot, it smells AMAZING and helps my skin look and feel moisturized and keeps it that way overnight! I also love the beauty elixir (basically a rosewater spray) because it smells amazing and just gives that extra oomph to feel refreshed and calm. I also love to spray it on my pillow to make it smell good when I lay down to go to sleep!

  3. 10:00PM Facemask

    This facemask is one of the peel off ones that you wear for an hour. It’s a little weird, and kind of slips off during the time you wear it. BUT when you take it off your skin feels sooooooo soft and refreshed! It’s a collagen mask, which I know is kind of an up and coming trend. This one is a great deal at Costco if you have a membership!

  4. Kerastase Nectar Thermique & Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

    Honestly I should havec put this first, I can’t stop talking about it! I hate showering because it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry. The Oribe dry shampoo firstly smells amazing, and second when you spray it it seriously is like you just took a shower!! I love it so much its my guilty splurge. I buy it for $44 on Amazon. This is absolutely my favorite product of the year!!

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