Top Jeans for Curvy Gals

Hey there curvy gals! Isn’t jean shopping the worst when you have a tiny waist but can’t get those darn high waisted jeans over your childbearing hips?! I know its annoying for me! I HATE jean shopping because it seems all the cutest jeans are only made for women without hips! The one that gets me the most is mom jeans. WHY WOULD MOM JEANS NOT BE BUILT FOR HIPS?!? It perplexes me.

From one curvy gal to another, I wanted to create a quick list of jeans that have worked well for my body type in the past! Some are jeggings but some are not! There are brands out there that will work for you. And please let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!

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I LOVE madewell jeans. They have a little stretch, but not so much you feel your bum is hanging out the back! They come in a variety of styles, but mine are just simple frayed bottom jeans. I got these in March 2017, and I’ve always felt that they made me feel confident and weren’t too tight on the hips.

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American Eagle

AE is best for jeggings, as they don’t have as many non-stretch denim types. HOWEVER I love their mom jeans. They are the only mom jeans I’ve found to not be a heavy material, and I don’t have to size up in them to compensate for my hips! They are still high waisted and not as tight. I will say they give me the sliiiiiightest camel toe but I don’t think its that noticeable.

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I love my express jeans. They are super high waisted and don’t stretch out! I find they are the perfect amount of stretch/non-stretch and are a great thickness. Less than $100 too!

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Topshop can go either way for me. I love their Jamie jeans because they are stretchy enough to put on but don’t fit like jeggings. I’ve tried their mom jeans though and had to size up 2 sizes just to get it over my hips. Not the best feeling. It was way too big in the waist and I ended up having to get rid of them! (on my posh now if anyone is interested!)

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