What I packed for Hawaii

I took these photos prior to our trip so I could show you all what I am planning to wear in Hawaii this time around! To be honest – I didn’t have a lot of time to come up with outfits for this trip. It was straight from NY to Hawaii two weeks later (I know, poor me, I’m not complaining!) Thankfully I use Amazon and ASOS which have plenty of quick ship options, and I still had some items left over from our honeymoon!

Hawaii packing1.jpg
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I packed a backpack as my carry on for Hawaii – I always get anxious about having to rush on the plane to find room, or fighting people for space. I usually like to take a smaller backpack that can fit under my seat like this one from ASOS. I actually got mine secondhand from Poshmark but they have several online! My phone case I got from Kate Spade, it was $40 and I got a ring with it because I can’t hold that huge phone by myself haha.



I didn’t realize until this trip, but I have quite a few swimsuits haha. I have at least 4 white swimsuit tops from ASOS (they have a fuller bust section which is amazing for gals like myself). I also bought a suit about a year ago off of ASOS but the brand is Wolf and Whistle and I LOVE it. However the real winner is the Amazon swimsuit I bought for only $22!!! It’s tropical themed, which I know, is NOT neutral. I wanted a floral one and this was the closest I could find. I think the off-the-shoulder works really well for larger chested ladies because it draws the eyes outward anyway so when you aren’t wearing a bra it doesn’t look as weird if your boobs go sideways! Just my theory. Anyway its two pieces, high waisted and super cute! I will have to make an edit once I get in the water to make sure it isn’t see through!


I am so excited for this trip because I purchased this Madewell shirt that is just darling. I have been wanting a tie front linen shirt forever and I just wasn’t finding it in well, you know, winter. I love Madewell and even though it was a little spendy I think its worth it because it’s good quality!


I am so excited because I found @somethingnavy brand white wide leg pants for only $35 at Nordstrom Rack! I love her and I have been looking for white beach pants for a few weeks so I am so excited to wear these in Hawaii! I thought they would be perfect strolling around the beach pants. I did buy a size smaller than usual but they are high waisted so I think I can make it work haha. I think I will pair this with my crochet top and give it a boho vibe.


My favorite dress will always be my off-the-shoulder striped dress from Lulu’s – again great for larger chested ladies (and I don’t have to wear a bra, yay!). It was about $60 when I bought it last summer and was a summer staple! It’s a zip up back and can be dressed up or down. I also always bring my black romper from H&M, they always sell this, it’s about $20, slips on and off and is oh-so-comfy.


I have a shoe problem. I’ll admit it! But when planning for a vacation I don’t want to bring too many shoes, but make sure I have enough for all the different activities I will be doing. I knew I wanted to bring my Tom’s strappy buckle sandals in camel (bought on Amazon, $40). I had to borrow my moms (lucky we are the same size!) because I cannot for the life of me find my own, since our last trip to Hawaii. I also purchased black sandals from Timberlands last summer and they served me so well during my last Hawaii trip. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE Tims So when they created sandals you know I was all over that. I’m also bringing my Nike’s because we will be hiking!