My Weekly #OOTDs!

Hello friends! I have been trying really hard to keep up with taking photos of my daily looks for you! You all seem to like it so I will gladly keep it up! I put together the top 8 looks from this week. I had a few outfit changes some of the days so I wanted to include more than just 7!

  1. I wore this to a friends birthday dinner, I wanted to dress down the snakeskin a bit so I paired it with a turtleneck and some tennies! Find this look here.

  2. I stopped into Sway and Cake, a little boutique in Seattle, to try on this super fun vacay look! It’s a linen material and is super high waisted! I forgot to add the belt but there is a really cute belt that goes along. There is also a dress that goes with this collection! Links here!

  3. I will be LIVING in this skirt this summer, its super flowy and keeps your legs cool! My shirt says “ok but first coffee” because, well duh! I need more graphic tees, please tell me if you have suggestions! Find links here!

  4. This was one of my workwear looks, it was rainy this day so I wanted to be cozy! This look here.

  5. Another workwear look: I am never sure about pairing browns and blacks but I wanted to try this out! I paired it with nude booties but you could pair it with anything. Click here for this outfit!

  6. This is another look for an art show! It was nice because I didn’t have to wear a jacket since it was a long sleeve!

  7. Last friend’s birthday dinner! It wasn’t a fancy dinner so I paired this long skirt with a cute crop top and some casual tennies! Click here for links!

  8. Last workwear look! I tried out my straight leg jeans with some boots for a 90s vibe! I wore a cozy tank so if I got warm I can just take off my cardi! Links here!

More on my insta! Please let me know if there is anything you’d want to see me try! Find the rest of my looks on my Like to Know it!

xoxo Rachel