Office Friendly Outfit Inspo!

OK, I know I am not usually one to be first to try out a trend - and that’s ok! It actually can be really hard for me to get into something until I’ve tried it a few times. The midi skirt trend is really taking off this year, and I am here for it! I love it mostly because it will be so perfect for summer, when you want to wear something breezy to work but it needs to be work appropriate! I now own two midi skirts and one dress that I wear all the time! They are so easy to throw on and really easy to match as well! Some of the pieces I’ve purchased also dip into other trends like 90s vibes, cheetah print, and satin.

Now that the sun is really starting to come out, I need to get serious about my work outfits. I don’t have a strict dress code at work but it is somewhat customer facing so I like to look professional. Dress for the job you want, right?!

I really love pairing these skirts with a tie knot tee shirt or a sweater. Some of these pieces I did buy in store, but I mainly shop online at ASOS, nordstrom or even stores like American have really been upping their game. I bought a coat from Abercrombie the other day! Who would have thunk!



Skirts: I have really been getting into these because they can be worn on a chilly spring day with a sweater or with a tee or tank top in the blazing heat! If its cold, throw on some booties, if its warm, slide on the slides! I actually love wearing my Topshop white sneakers most with this style!

Sweaters: I am sweater obsessed. I have waaaaaay too many sweaters. Fall is definitely my fav, and I am a sucker for a cute turtleneck. I think I have about 3 grey turtlenecks. Not even kidding. They go with everything! You can even wear sweaters in summer! Above I paired a sweater with one of my cheetah print skirts since it was a little chilly that day, and it was perfect! If its a longer sweater you can tuck it or tie it in a knot for a different way to wear it!

Tees: Graphic tees can be difficult, not everyone likes words or patterns on their clothes, and it really is a statement piece when you wear it. I tend to go for black or white, with something funny, like my “But first coffee” shirt! I also love tucking these or tying them in a knot at the front for a cute cropped look.

Shoes: These midi items can be worn with just about anything. If its colder, go with the booties, if you want to be comfy, a plain white tennis shoe will do! If its blazing hot, put on that slide! The options are endless!




I always have issues when trying to find a jacket to pair with my jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally OK with denim on denim, but I’m not always feeling it. I don’t really like straight denim jackets in black or white (though just watch, I’ll probably have one in like a month ha!) so I found this utility trucker jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch (of all places!) for half off, only $44 instead of $88! I feel like this can pretty much go with anything, dress up or down. I love to wear it with my denim, and plan to wear it with a lot of my floral skirts!

I also paired this look with my new Reebok sneakers which are SO DANG COMFY. OMG. I could wear them all the time. And I probably will ha!



Rompers can be hard to make work appropriate! I try to look for ones that have sleeves and are pretty casual I like the structured kind with collars for a more tailored look, and simple stretchy versions like this super cute one from Target! You can throw on white sneakers, platform sandals or some slides for an instant effortless look!

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