My Favorite Summer Shoes

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I know I have a problem with shoes! When we moved into our new apartment, I tried to make it so I could only own as many shoes my rack could fit. There’s been a little spillover….Regardless, I’ve always loved shoes and think they really are a central part of the outfit, and often times for me can be my X factor! Ever since the sun decided to peek its head out sometime in March, I jumped on the sandal trend and have been in love ever since!

Since I do have a good amount of shoes, I was looking for something that was a little different than what I usually would go for, a little out of my comfort zone if you will. I had misplaced my TOMS sandals and needed a good replacement for summer, a good brown/tan themed shoe. I’ve always loved Steve Madden and of course have an unhealthy relationship with Nordstrom so I went there first! I came across the Bandi Sandals at Nordstrom and fell in LOVE. It was a new love for me, I don’t usually go for the platform sandals but there was something about them that told me they would be a staple in my closet. I was right!

What I love about these sandals is that they not only give you some height (I’m 5’ 4” so I need it sometimes"), but they are really comfortable to walk around in for short distances! They are a slip on and the straps are a stretchy material! The only downside for me is they are definitely a “sit down and put on” type of shoe. The way the straps are they’re difficult to put on while standing.



I got a size 9, and I am usually an 8.5. I have always had to size up in Steve Madden shoes. It can depend a bit more on the shoe though, I really only buy sandals and heels from them so I am not sure if the sneaker options might run smaller.


As far as styling these shoes - the options are limitless! I think they could be swapped for a normal flat sandal or even worn with a midi dress or skirt since that trend is really taking off right now. I think a cute denim and blouse will always look good. It’s really easy to change up for a whole new look or create a summer uniform.

There are a lot of other options for this style of shoe, and with Steve Madden in general! I love the brand because its actually somewhat affordable but they are able to maintain the comfort needed by the everyday gal. I’ve linked some cute outfit pairings above, with some photos of how I have styled as well!

Another sandal option I have been living in are these. They pretty much go with everything and are actually really comfortable to walk long distances in! I walked about an hour in these last week (after leg day I might add) and my feet didn’t hurt at all! These shoes could be worn with either outfit above, most of the pieces I wear are pretty swappable! I’ve linked the outfits above, the cardi and midi dress are from ASOS and actually both under $50! The pants and jeans are Madewell so a little more on the spendy side but also will last FOREVER.

I hope this post helped you find your summer uniform, and there will be many more to come!

xoxo Rachel