Our Stay at The Kimpton Fitzroy London

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may already know Zach and I took a two-week trip through Europe earlier this month. It was truly amazing and I am already planning for our next trip! Our first stop was London - I had always wanted to visit - and we planned our anniversary stay at the Kimpton Fitzroy London in Russell Square.

I didn’t really know what to expect when arriving as I hadn’t been to London before, but when we arrived I was blown away. The outside of the hotel was magnificent and grand, I felt like I was being swept away into another era!  When we arrived, it was about 9am and we were completely tired from travelling all day. (We only got an hour or two of sleep on our overnight flight.) The staff greeted us and held our bags for us while our room was readied. We grabbed a delicious salmon and cheese croissant and a coffee at Burr & Co. Coffee shop and decided what we wanted to do that day.

When we returned later, and the coffee had worn off, we checked in to our room to find they had graciously upgraded us to an amazing suite, complete with a freestanding tub! I almost cried when I saw the tub. The room had marble floors with windows, the tub in the middle, and gold accents (see photos).  I think my favorite part was the bathroom, it had heated floors, a heated towel rack AND a rain shower!! The team also left a hand-written note on the table, along with strawberries and a pastry. I kept the note (it is now on my fridge at home!). I went downstairs to thank them for the delicious pastry. About 30 minutes later they brought up more for us to eat! The generosity was out of this world. We took a nap on the amazing four-poster bed (I have never been in such a nice bed in my LIFE) and then headed off to dinner at Neptune, the hotel restaurant, where I had squid ink pasta and the most amazing prawns! Delicious. We sat in the cutest booth that again made me feel like I was swept away into another time!

We returned to our room to find that they had turned down our bed (I have never had that before!) Exhausted from travel, we both passed out.

The next morning we returned to Neptune for breakfast where I got my favorite breakfast meal, lox and bagels! We headed out to sight-see later that day but returned at 1pm for our afternoon tea at the Palm Court within the hotel. I love afternoon tea, and am always on the hunt for a new one I haven’t tried! We had the room to ourselves. We were seated on a connecting patio in wicker thrones adorned with roses! I felt like a queen! We received bubbly rose, followed by four sandwiches and a tower of sweets. My favorite was the white chocolate mousse!

After tea we were so stuffed, we went upstairs to change and wandered about the hotel just exploring! We found ourselves in Fitz’s, the cocktail bar, and tried the Vesca Negroni. (I love how on the menu it tells you what kind of glass the drink is served in.) We hung out in Fitz’s for a bit and chatted, just took in all the decor. I felt so fancy!

We visited Neptune once more while staying at the Kimpton Fitzroy, for breakfast. I had the most delicious vanilla waffle in my life, I wish I could have had 10! The entire time during our two-night stay I was treated like royalty, and the atmosphere of the building itself was like a page out of The Great Gatsby. I was blown away by the detail and care the staff put into making sure our stay was memorable. I will absolutely be visiting again for our next trip to London!