Capitol Hill Block Party

So last Friday I went to the Capitol Hill Block Party for the first time! I've been to festivals, but never one in the middle of a city. I wasn't really sure what to expect! I really only went for one band, Run the Jewels, because I love them and I've missed them twice! So for our anniversary in April, Zach bought two tickets so I could see them! 

I knew it was going to be hot, first of all it was July, and second of all we were going to be in a huge crowd of people! I chose to go for a skater look, complete with black dad hat, flannel, and high waisted shorts! I also chose to wear an athletic top from Nordstrom so I could sweat in the crowd and not feel too gross!

I wanted to find a balance between adult and my teenage self at a concert and I think I did just that. I was super comfortable, and I made sure to wear close toed shoes in case I was stepped on (and I was, I am only 5' 4"). 

This was a look I threw together last minute but its definitely something I would wear to a concert or event, mostly because its super comfortable and the flannel was easy to throw on when it got cold.

Have a great week loves! 

xoxo Rachel