My VIIcode Skin Care Experience!

Hi loves!

One of my new year’s resolutions for this year was to take better care of my skin. It's not that I didn’t care for my skin, I just knew I could do better! When VIIcode Skin Care reached out to me with an offer to try out their under eye cream I was like, "um yaaaaas!"! I hadn’t tried too many eye creams and wanted a chance to see 1. What worked for me, and 2. What VIIcode was all about!

I do have fairly sensistive skin and I am allergic to two major ingredients in exfoliators and creams, so finding something that works for me can be a struggle. 

A little about the company! VIIcode Skin Care is a skincare company that focuses on eye care specifically, making it a perfect experiment for me to see how well I am caring for my eyes and what I can be doing better. You can see all the ingredients they use in their products HERE.

They sent me the T2 OXYGEN EYE CREAM to put on overnight (or whenever really, I used it twice daily sometimes!)

Here’s a quick run down on the product before we get into the review:


T2 Oxygen Eye Cream O3.0 uses an "exclusive 'T2'stone mortar extraction process", which facilitates the healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells near the eyes by protecting this delicate area of the face and by fading away the first visible signs of aging.  

·         Instantly feel moisturized and youthful.

·         Minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

·         Absorbs well with no residue.

Use: After cleansing your face and patting dry, gently massage the eye cream around your eye area. Apply the eye cream to the eye area, massaging into your skin to maintain a youthful glow. Use under makeup, or in the evening before bed.

Now onto the review!

I’ve been using this eye cream pretty much every day since I got it, mostly at night, but sometimes twice daily!

First things first, I love the consistency of this cream. I really like the thick, creamy moisturizers because I feel like they cover your skin better and I feel like it’s actually doing something! This cream is super easy to put on, it feels great, smells great and doesn’t leave a reside on your hands on anything. Honeslty I like rubbing the excess into my skin!

I usually put this on right before bed – so depending on if I showered earlier in the evening or right before bed, I feel like it can sit a little differently on my skin. I like to do it right before bed, mostly so I don’t forget ha, but also because it makes it part of a routine. However, I usually try to put this on first so that it can do what it needs without intereference from other products. 

I enjoyed this product a lot and I really do believe it helped with the discoloration under my eyes, I have kind of a yellow-purple hue. With stress and work and just plain old life your eyes definitely show it! This product paired with a good nights sleep can work wonders!

If you’re interested in these, you can click HERE to learn more! 

Thank you so much to VIIcode for sending these over for review, and for sponsoring this post. I love trying new skincare and beauty (you can never have enough!) and this one did not disspoaint!

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own!*

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all are staying neutral <3