Brand Refresh: BetaMax Poster Series


The purpose of this project was to take a company that no longer exists, and give it a brand refresh that would work in advertising today. I chose BetaMax because it's always intrigued me, as the technology that lost to VCR in the late 80s. Not many of my friends probably know what BetaMax is, so it's not only a design project but also a bit of a history lesson.


I didn't really want to mess with the logo. Since many people today probably wouldn't recognize it and it doesn't look too old-fashioned, I decided to leave well enough alone. As soon as I saw it I had ideas on how to incoporate it in my modern design.


This poster series was a brand refresh for BetaMax, the recording technology that lost out to VCR late 80's. this poster series keeps the original "B" as the branding for the company, but I used the rainbow colors of the physical product to give it a retro yet modern look.